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Advanced Business Services

The digital revolution in Real Estate

Digital transformation and digital disruption are revolutionizing real estate. Morning Capital is a pioneer in innovative digital projects capable of performing a true evolutionary leap in companies in this sector.

Home Easy Rent®

One of the megatrends in today’s real estate sector is the income-based living asset class.

In Milan, Turin, Rome and other provincial capitals, we were the first to revolutionize the concept of rent with the Home Easy Rent® project. With it, we have created a management model based on an innovative format for residential renting fully managed using a digital platform.

A totally online process through which to configure your ideal home, put it in the shopping cart, and digitally finalize all contractual aspects, from the deposit to the offer and the lease.

Home Easy Rent® is a format Morning Capital makes available to sector companies with existing residential properties or properties in the process of being redeveloped to be promoted.





Morning Care®  My Living

Morning Care® My Living, the residential phygital concierge service designed to create an evolution in the living experience.

The system includes an app to meet renter needs, from personal, dedicated technical support services to the management of amenities: condo facilities and common spaces.


Digital Helmet IoT®

Digital Helmet IoT® is the digital tool in support of Building & Project Management. It makes it possible to perform on-site operations without the need to have the dedicated in-house manager present.

A helmet with integrated monocular visor that receives the images from a remote computer, and a built-in 4K camera that sends images from the worksite.

Excellence and innovation for our clients.