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Experience and Innovation

Experience and Innovation

Morning Capital is a privately held company, real estate partner of Vittoria Assicurazioni Spa, which certifies competence, solidity and tradition. Evolution of Gestimmobili, Morning Capital currently manages over 3,000 real estate units, following projects in five geographical areas of the country, Milan, Florence, Rome, Turin and Genoa, enhancing the real estate assets of its clients.


Our story








Gestimmobili was acquired by Maurizio Monteverdi and Filippo Peschiera. With their decades of experience in the world of real estate finance, their commitment and professionalism, they transformed Gestimmobili, creating a new company to respond to every need in today’s market—and, as always, with an eye to the future.









Organo Sociale


Maurizio Monteverdi

Chief Executive Officer & CDA President

Filippo Peschiera

Board Member

Katia Marino

Board Member


Roberto Flavio Galliani

Organismo di vigilanza ai sensi del D. LGS. 231/2001

Giovanni Martiano

Code of ethics

Our identity, our principles, our work

The Code of Ethics represents a secure point-of-reference and a compendium of rules to be followed for conduct that is ethically correct, responsible and equitable for all those who work, in any way, within the company.

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