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The Morning Capital company becomes a Benefit Company


Milan, December 19, 2023Morning Capital Srl, a real estate full-service provider, has completed the process of transformation into a Benefit Company—a major step toward even more responsible corporate management and focused on the common good.

Founded in 2019 from the rebranding of Gestimmobili, Morning Capital—100% owned by Maurizio Monteverdi, Filippo Peschiera and Katia Marino, following the acquisition this past June of the remaining 20% from Vittoria Assicurazioni—currently operates throughout Italy and is directly involved in projects in Milan, Rome, Turin, Genoa, Parma and Florence. A real estate full-service provider, the company specializes in Asset & Investment Management, Deal Origination & Transaction, Evolutionary Property & Building Management, Facility Management, and Project & Development Management and follows the entire life-cycle of an asset, from identification to sale or leasing, engineering and work on-site.


The evolution of Morning Capital into a Benefit Company reflects, on one hand, its on-going commitment to pursuing goals that go beyond mere profit by positioning the company at the center of sustainable and socially-responsible initiatives. On the other, it will allow the company to express in its very name its nature and positioning, with the goal of increasingly aligning “social awareness” (which is awareness of man’s deepest needs) with the way it does business.

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