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Digital transformation: innovating through task management


Morning Capital is continuing along its path towards innovation and digital transformation. Digitalizing Task Management means automating pages, slips of paper, notes, to-do lists, planning lists, coordinating e-mails, personal calendar alerts, Outlook meeting invitations, etc.


Managing multiple projects simultaneously is not easy, especially when different corporate areas are involved that overlap and which therefore require synergic collaboration. Collaboration that becomes an essential aspect in the success of the final result measured against objective goals: performance and time frame.


The goal of all managers is to guide the analytical progress of their projects, moment-by-moment, phase-by-phase:

  • planning and scheduling;
  • assigning responsibilities activity-by-activity, and monitoring their progress;
  • verifying “correct communication with” and “immediate involvement of” all stakeholders,
  • with continuous monitoring.


Coordinating a project and a working group via remote is more complicated than in-person. There is less face-to-face contact, no daily interchange with the chance to congregate in common areas with various opportunities to meet—both structured and informal. This is why it is necessary to work with a professional task management.


Morning Capital intends promoting this initiative, drawing inspiration once again from the Group’s corporate philosophy, Morningway. An approach that extends into the various aspects of working by applying a number of basic values:

  • business sustainability,
  • work-life balance,
  • digital transformation,
  • process disruption.


Asana: digital business in Morning Capital and mindset change

A digital business transformation project always requires a change in mindset. Actions which, starting from a comprehensive overview, introduce the transformation of ordinary work processes through their reorganization from a digital standpoint.

The first major impact that an action of this type triggers is the potential (almost always certain) need to look at the corporate organizational structure. Changing instruments impacts on processes and functions of interdependence.


For such a radical process to be successful, the sharing, involvement and commitment of all involved must be broad-based and, above all, every resource must share the corporate vision which is aimed at continuous improvement.


Morning Capital’s growth mindset is precisely cultural evolution which aims at the growth of its resources in order to keep pace with and, when possible, be ahead of the lines and implications continuously introduced by the digital era. The future, in every moment in time, has always been characterized by evolution that has led to operational efficiency and innovative business models. The only difference between yesterday and today is that, today, this is all happening much, much faster than in the past.


With the insertion of Asana task management software, Morning Capital is launching a major innovative project that completely overturns the working method, the tools to be utilized and the use of work time which are currently based on a traditional model found in every work environment that is prone to be seen as obsolete and, therefore, out-of-date. A clean break with the past.


Application management

Adoption of a mobile, web-based software application that simplifies management and registration of activities and projects within a company is combined with cloud storage that makes it possible to append everything required for each activity involved in the project.


The goal is to completely eliminate the use of internal and external e-mails in managing assigned tasks by making exclusive use of the dedicated digital platform. The radical change in approach can be seen from the very first actions of the day where, normally, the first thing employees do (either as soon as they reach the office or on their way in their cars or mass transit) is to check their e-mail to read the many communications from their colleagues and customers.


With the introduction of a business intelligence program designed to rationalize the processes of interdependence required to carry out projects and tasks, the mindset changes and the first thing done at the start of the day is to access one’s personal control dashboard that provides an overview of the tasks being worked on.

Updated in real time by anyone on the team with access, it provides a comprehensive picture of the work in progress.


An innovation that brings Morning Capital to maximum levels of:

  • Speed
  • Sharing
  • Efficiency
  • Real time approach
  • Communication and reporting.


Morning Way is Work-Life Balance

Culture, processes and technology are the basis of digital transformation.

In Morning Capital, process disruption pursues the double goal of

(i) making the most of human capital by continuing the journey towards a new work-life balance,

(ii) experiencing a cultural and digital revolution, not by looking to the future, but by building it.


Article by Topazia Rocco di Torrepadula, Business Process Innovation

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