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Happy Birthday, Morning Capital: A year dedicated to digital transformation and disruption


It was a year ago that the birth of Morning Capital, the new full-service provider in the real estate sector, was announced to the financial community.

It has been an intense year, unique in all aspects and, despite everything, an exciting year. And it was this enthusiasm that fed our determination every day and allowed us to move ahead with our projects.


Goals and successes achieved


  • Corporate rebranding and brand design;
  • Redefinition of the business model;
  • Consolidation of existing technical-administrative skills and the insertion of new strategic and financial expertise;
  • New formulation of the organizational model, oriented towards maximum integration of digital transformation factor;
  • Reorganization of in-house processes involving the various existing specializations, including disruptive initiatives in traditional functions, such as: IoT Digital Helmet as a support to building and project management;
  • Replacement of central information systems (ERPs);
  • Insertion of innovative work-related instruments;
  • Launching of Morning Way, the new philosophy towards working that changed the physiognomy of Morning Capital, with a positive impact on the welfare and well-being of its human resources;
  • Intense institutional communications activity, including through the activation of social media and web-based digital channels for correct brand positioning in the map of the competition;
  • Closing of the extraordinary real estate sales operation between Vittoria Assicurazioni and York Capital Management and Stoneweg SA, with a total commercial value of over €400 million;
  • Entry in Blue SGR Spa as a shareholder;
  • Rebranding and relaunching of Interimmobili Agency: thanks to a digital-oriented approach, the real estate brokerage company of the Morning Capital group has innovatively repositioned itself on the reference market;
  • Introduction of Asana as a task management tool; the use of such a revolutionary instrument in this sector is aimed at “working” on the mindset of people by bringing about a veritable cultural revolution.


The primary impulse behind our first year has been digital transformation and disruption. We are pleased with our journey so far and we will continue to work to provide excellence and innovation for our clients.

Morning Capital First Year. Lead the change.

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