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My Living: concierge service for residential properties


Conciergerie or concierge services: problem-solving at your fingertips

The services sector is evolving in every area. For residential properties, new attempts continue to emerge to respond to long-standing needs that require fast, efficient answers to the problems and necessities of daily life. These range from malfunctioning of systems, appliances and household equipment, to car rental, making restaurant reservations or finding a babysitter at the last minute, as well as organized management of condo facilities and common spaces.

In fact, concierge services for residential properties meet these needs.


Why, until now, have concierge services never been offered systematically to the private residential sector?

The first initiatives of services providing added value to users identified as tenants and condominium residents for residential properties date back to 2006. Since then, a number of attempts have been made to create structured services for this category of users but, currently (as of the date this article was prepared in July 2021), no entrepreneur or start-up has succeeded.

The reason? There are many: the wrong business model, complexities in managing the underlying system, wrong dimensional scale, labor costs for low-margin activities, and little or no use of technologies.

These are some of the main reasons behind the lack of success seen to-date.

An additional factor found in virtually all the unsuccessful initiatives is confusion about the georeferencing always present in identifying targets: companies that offer themselves indiscriminately to clients wishing to subscribe, wherever they might reside, and companies that limit their services to clients on the basis of where they physically reside. In the first case, the extent of the services offered and geographical area caused the collapse of the underlying system. In the second, the collapse of the experiment was due to exactly the opposite—the limited scope of both the services offered and the geographical area.


What is meant by residential concierge services

The concept of residential concierge services was born from the goal of offering condominium residents or tenants enhanced quality of life through a service centered on both the property in which they live (first-and-foremost, maintenance) and the individual (in the broadest sense).

It is a 24/7 service, provided by highly-qualified firms or professionals, all specialists in their own sector and driven by a single goal: to provide solutions, solve problems, respond to daily needs and guarantee a comfortable and free-and-easy lifestyle to those living in the residential complex.

In the hospitality sector, this is all handled normally by an individual, the concierge, and in the Morning Capital approach, requests will be handled almost exclusively by a “digital concierge”.




How digital disruption has made possible what was formerly impossible

Digital evolution has revolutionized the entire world of services in a wide range of industries, and even real estate is beginning to benefit. How we conceive and experience the space in which we live is, now, most subject to innovation. We are used to solving problems quickly and simply:

  • programming appliances,
  • controlling household consumption,
  • ordering food and services at home.

We are discovering the beauty of services that make it possible to save previous time and ease our lives.


My Living, a single app that solves the problems and needs of how we live

Once again, Morning Capital is showing its innovative essence through a tool that makes possible what, until now, were just vain attempts: a high-level service managed by a digital app with the support of back-end personnel, an organizer of solutions for the needs of those living in a condominium— My Living.

The My Living app, which will soon be available to guests of the Flat Tower Parco Vittoria in Milan, is the first fully-digital concierge service in which the anthropic factor has been included as a part of quality control in correctly fulfilling requests.

My Living was created to revolutionize concierge service, from the monitoring and reporting of system problems to the control of household devices and handling reservations for building amenities—the Easy Gym, co-working spaces, temporary apartments—as well as offering services whose goal is total personal comfort, such as ordering food deliveries, home chefs, baby-sitting and dog-sitting services and making appointments for personal care services, such as hairdressers, aesthetic massage and physical therapy.

All personalized in a single dedicated app that contains the services required for an individual to easily manage his or her own preferred suppliers.

It is a paradigm shift which, thanks to digital transformation, finally makes available to the residential sector the services typical of hotel conciergeries with significant additions.

And this is just the beginning.

What surprises will My Living have in store in the future? And in what other real estate environments will it be adopted?

Stay tuned!


Article prepared by the Morning Capital Marketing Office.

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