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Morning Capital has been certified an innovative SME thanks to major Research and Development projects


Thanks to two innovative R&D projects launched in 2020, Morning Capital has been certified an Innovative SME.


Morning Capital is an independent full-service provider in the real estate sector, serving high-level institutional and private clients. The company combines state-of-the-art expertise in real estate finance with traditional technical/administrative activities, while also offering innovative vertical management solutions in the area of urban redevelopment.


Among Morning Capital’s declared goals is being able to bring innovation to all processes in which it is involved to make a direct contribution to modernization, through the search for new models to use in its approach to sales and the services offered.

Not only does this involve constant attention to trends in the sector and their specific market, as well as the most advanced solutions that can be appropriated from other sectors, but also continuous research and development of new models, tools and approaches from within the firm. In other words, research, adaptation and customization of pre-existing solutions alongside research and development of new ones.


Significant concrete examples of this can be seen in two innovative projects: “Digital Helmet” and “Easy rent”, which Morning Capital has developed and transformed into efficacious and efficient tools for daily use with the application, respectively, of building and facility management processes and property rental business processes.


Research and development, innovation, efficacy, efficiency, alignment with the client, sustainability: all terms which, individually and together, are the inspiration for the decisions and actions of Morning Capital’s management in the short-, medium- and long-term, and which have contributed to its certification as an Innovative SME.


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